Parish Council Meeting Minutes – 12th March 2013

The minutes of a Parish council meeting held in the Parish church on Tuesday March 12th 2013 at 7 pm.

Present: Councillors C. Langford, C. Brown, G. Frost, R. Tooke, J. Hartley, D. Pitcher and J. Jones. 2 members of the Public Miss S. Reynolds and Mr Jarvis.

3/13 Apologies: There were no apologies for absence.

4/13 Minutes: the minutes of meetings held on the 4th December and 31st January 2012 were approved and signed by the chairman-cl.

5/13 Declaration of interests: There were no declarations of interest

6/13 Postal Service for village: The secretary reported that a meeting in the church was held to discuss the possibility of establishing a part time Post Office in the church. Present was The Miss S. Reynolds representing the church, Wendy Hamilton from the Post office and Mr Tony Blackman Postmaster from Mattishall who would be the post master prepared to organise the service, which would be two days a week probably a Wednesday and Friday. A phone line would have to provided and Miss Reynolds was to approach the diocese outlining the plans. Miss Reynolds provided a handout on the progress so far with the church. She stated that once the necessary approval had been received it was hoped that clearance would be granted by April 2013.

7/13 Whipping Post: The clerk had established that the post was in the garage of the occupants of the former post office. CL offered to collect it and arrangements would be made to erect as soon as possible.

8/13 Finance: Changes in payment of the precept mean that the sum of £3643 would be received as well as a grant of £375 bringing it back a total of £4000 in all making an increase in rates of a band D property by £!.04 (£34.34).

The statement of funds held by the council stand at £5281.25.

Received Recycling credits £69.69

Payments NALC £35 Course (the clerk will attend) (194)

G. Holmes Salary and Expenses £142.96 (195)

9/13 Highway Matters: The visiting Rangers had filled in Potholes in Yarrow Road, Mill Road and Billingford, Road and Breckland had swept the kerbs in the village. There were no other problems at the moment.

10/13 Village website: Councillor Frost informed the meeting that the website was now in place ( This site is available for any organisation in the village.

11/13 Benches for the Play area: It was agreed that the Parish council would fund the cost of providing benches for playing field at a cost of £400. The Playing field committee will be responsible for the bases.

The meeting closed at 7.50pm for the Annual General Meeting.

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