Bintree – Heating Oil Bulk Buying Scheme

If you live within Bintree parish boundaries you could benefit from a heating oil bulk buying scheme operated by Norfolk RCC in partnership with AF Affinity.

Joining is free but you do need to register in order to take advantage of the scheme.

Here is how it works:

First of all you register by completing a form that provides your contact details / direct debit information and which authorises Norfolk RCC to pass on your information to AF Affinity. You send this completed form to Norfolk RCC.

Norfolk RCC pass on your information to AF Affinity who will then automatically recognise you as a bulk buying scheme member when you call to place an order.

You’re ready to go!

To make best use of the scheme, orders should be placed on the first working day of the month before 5:00pm by calling AF Affinity on 01603 881 888 (if you provide an e-mail address AF Affinity will send you a reminder a few days ahead of time).

AF Affinity will be able to give you the day rate in pence per litre, which you need to accept over the phone, this is not the final syndicate price. The minimum order is 500 litres. All quantities receive the same rate.

Once AF Affinity receives all the orders for that month from the schemes across Norfolk, they will hunt down the best bulk deal for our community based on the accumulated oil volume ordered from all members of all schemes and create a syndicate rate. Usually this syndicate rate will be better than the day rate, but as oil prices can fluctuate due to worldwide situations, this cannot be guaranteed. Norfolk RCC undertake that if the syndicate price is more than 3p/litre above the day rate quoted, you will be contacted to confirm that you wish to proceed with the order, otherwise you will not be contacted.

You can normally expect your oil delivery within about 2 weeks from the first of the month, so participating in the scheme does require a degree of planning. Should you be caught short and need oil quickly you may still purchase with AF Affinity, but your purchase will be at their day rate not the syndicate rate. The scheme can normally accommodate most delivery requests (call from the driver, small tanker etc.), but you must let them know when you order.

The registration form can be downloaded from this site – see link further down this page.

Our coordinator, Jacqueline Jones may be contacted at 01362 680086 if you do not have internet access.

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