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Parish Council meeting minutes – 26th September 2013

The minutes of a Parish council Meeting held in the church on Thursday Sept. 26th 2013 at 7 pm

35/13 Apologies: apologies were received from Councillors C. Langford, J. Hartley and R. Tooke.

36/13 Minutes: the minutes of a meeting held July 25th were agreed and signed by the vice
chairman G. Frost.

37/13 Declarations: there were no declarations

38/13 Post Office: The wiring is now connected but delays because of a BT engineer needed to fit a socket.

39/13 The guest speaker from “Momentum” Sarah Coote was welcomed to the meeting.
Momentum is a charity funded by the County Council. It is run to help youth work, Sarah works for the Breckland area. She explained the very practical steps any village could take to enable them to begin a youth work or to arrange transport to an existing scheme run nearby. There is a bus in the Fakenham area converted as a youth club, she will try and arrange for the bus to come to the village. The possibility of obtaining a porta-cabin was discussed, the Norfolk RCC could be a help in this matter. Sarah would be able to help with funding opportunities, to come out to meet any young people as would Anita Becket a youth worker for Breckland if asked. JJ agreed to find out the costing of mini bus from Richards bus company, GF will scan the paperwork given to the absent councillors. Sarah was thanked for coming and for the helpful advice, she will email any other information she thinks relevant to the council.

40/13 Whipping Post: In the absence of C. Langford it is not known if the post has been collected.

41/13 NALC: Paperwork received were about meetings being held in the area, Their AGM on
October 5th, A coffee and Chat session and a wildlife soiree, nobody was able to attend any of these
meetings. Information on Green Burial sites was to be passed on to the church.

42/13 George Freeman MP: a letter was received from the MP for our area. GF will scan the
contents to those not at the meeting and it will be put on the agenda of the November meeting.

43/13 Planning: 3PL/2012/0846F A planning application for conversion of building into a holiday accommodation at 34 The Street had been received. There were no objections raised to this application.

44/13 Finance: the following accounts were approved.

  • Staples Stationary £40.94
  • NLCC Year Books  £5.09
  • Norse  Grounds maintenance £1427.10
  • G. Holmes Wages & Expenses £154.49
  • Church PCC  Hire for meeting  £25
  • Norfolk RCC  Membership fee  £20
  • Citizens Advice Grant £25

A grant for the citizens Advice bureau was agreed £25
An invitation to become a member of Norfolk RCC was discussed and the Bronze cover at £20 agreed upon.
Lloyds Statement £4625 at the 30th July 2013.

45/13 Highways Matters: the following matters were reported on –

  • Pavement near rectory – The footway was resurfaced some time ago. The present problem is not considered dangerous to users.
  • Road surface on A1067 near water Tower – An investigation has been carried out and it is below the highways intervention levels and not considered a safety issue. Temporary repairs will be carried out. Resurfacing scheduled for 2015/16.
  • Grass Verge near bus shelter need for the grass to be cut – This is part of the NCC Highway authority responsibility, it was noted that it had now been cut.

46/13 Standing Orders: the clerk has been informed that a paper with regard to standing orders will be available after October 4th. To be left until next agenda.

47/13 Asset Register: The clerk was asked to email the draft copy of the Parish assets as compiled by her for discussion at next meeting.

48/13 The newsletter from Environment agency about the river Wensum

49/13 Blue bank for clothes Mrs Holmes reported that she was unable to trace who had placed the bank. She was asked to contact Breckland to report the matter.

50/13 Items for next agenda:

  • Waste paper Bank – Clerk reported that a mix up had occurred and the credits for the paper had been sent to Binham instead of Bintree. To be followed up.
  • Councillor J. Jones getting information to the community.
  • Report from Sarah Coote Youth Worker
  • Letter from MP George Freeman.
  • Standing Orders
  • Asset Register
  • Blue clothes bank

The meeting closed at 9 pm the date of the next meeting will be November 22nd at 7 pm.

Parish Council meeting minutes – 25th July 2013

The minutes of a Parish council Meeting held in the church on Thursday July 25th at 7 pm

22/13 Apologies: Apologies were received from Councillors D Pitcher and R Tooke

22/14 Minutes: The minutes of meetings held 12th March and 23rd May were confirmed and signed by the chairman

22/15 Declarations: There were no declarations made

22/16 Post Office: The clerk reported that the BT engineers has still to connect the wiring.

22/17 Whipping Post: Councillor Langford had been unable to collect.

22/18 Norfolk Ass of Local Councils: details of meetings to be held. The clerk was asked to obtain two books. NALC annual Meeting Saturday 5th October.

22/19 Application for the registration of land as a Village Green: An application has been made for the land known as Bintree Woods to become a village green: All councillors support the application.

22/20 Financial Issues: An error in filling in the Audit Form has occurred and the corrections were made and signed by the chairman,

Lloyds TSB Bank advising of changes to be made. Advice given that the Parish Account will now be under Lloyds Banking.


  • Bintree Charity repayment of Insurance money £354.07
  • Post Office refund of money paid to Birdsall £282
  • B E Garrod Rent from Parish Pit (2yrs) £100


  • Ladywell Accountancy £25 PAYE
  • Ladywell Accountancy £28 PAYE
  • J. Jones £20 Bulk Buy scheme fee
  • NALC £96.79 Subscription
  • G. Holmes £266.58 Wages and expenses
  • St Swithuns Church £25 Hire of church

22/21 Highway Matters:

  • The damage to the pavement outside the former Post Office has now been repaired.
  • The land on which the Paper and Bottle banks are situated belongs to the Norfolk county council. They have been informed of the need to cut the grass.
  • The Highway Rangers visit 12 August 2013. There were no requests for work to be carried out.
  • The clerk was asked to report to the highways the need to repair the A1067 near the Water Tower.

22/22 Standing Orders: The need to make standing orders relevant to the Bintree Parish Council was discussed. Agreed to the following:

  • Meeting are to be held bimonthly on the 4th Thursday of the Month in the months of January,March,May,July, September and November.
  • The Annual Meeting will take place in May
  • The accounts will be checked before the March meeting by a councillor appointed
  • The Parish Budget will be set and recorded at the November meeting


22/23 Asset Register It was agreed that in compliance with rules an asset register for the Council should be drawn up. This was discussed and will be presented at the next meeting. When the clerk will have received information from NALC on the correct way of doing this.


22/24 Village event: The clerk had enquired about the Councils role and involvement in any village event. It is permissible for the council to support any event and a certain amount of insurance cover is provided on the councils insurance. However the chairman felt that any organising of any event should be done by a formed committee. The committee would need to inform the clerk of the events to be held and then a check would be made to see if those events would be covered by the councils insurance. The clerk was asked to put a notice of the board asking for people interested in forming such a committee. Any committee formed would be acting as a sub committee of the Parish council.


Items for next agenda:

  • To discover which authority put the blue charity bin on the verge near paper bank and Bottle bank.
  • Hedge Cutting for the church (Councillor Langford)


Annual Parish Council Meeting – 12th March 2013

The minutes of the annual General Meeting of the Bintree Parish council.

PRESENT: Councillors’ C. Langford, C. Brown, G. Frost, R. Tooke, J. Hartley, D. Pitcher and J. Jones. 2 members of the Public Miss S. Reynolds and Mr Jarvis.

Bulk buying Scheme: Councillor Jones was asked to proceed with supplying information via the website and posters to advertise the Oil Buying scheme. She had made a lot of detailed inquiries and felt that a saving could be made by those who would wish to sign up to it. An order would have to be placed sat the beginning of the month and the bigger the quantity of oil ordered the bigger the saving.

Waste Paper Bank: The clerk reported that up to the moment a sum of £144.27 had been received through this scheme. The Council would like to encourage more people to use this paper bank and the credits received would be used for the use of the village.

Switch and Save Breckland: Details of the Breckland District Councils programme to save money on energy (Electricity and Gas) had been received by the Parish Council. It is also in the Breckland Newsletter “Voice”. People can register on line or go to the Customer Service Desk at Breckland offices. You would need details of your current Utility bill.

Registry Office: Changes to the opening time of local registry office has been posted on the Notice Board.

Parish Council Meeting Minutes – 12th March 2013

The minutes of a Parish council meeting held in the Parish church on Tuesday March 12th 2013 at 7 pm.

Present: Councillors C. Langford, C. Brown, G. Frost, R. Tooke, J. Hartley, D. Pitcher and J. Jones. 2 members of the Public Miss S. Reynolds and Mr Jarvis.

3/13 Apologies: There were no apologies for absence.

4/13 Minutes: the minutes of meetings held on the 4th December and 31st January 2012 were approved and signed by the chairman-cl.

5/13 Declaration of interests: There were no declarations of interest

6/13 Postal Service for village: The secretary reported that a meeting in the church was held to discuss the possibility of establishing a part time Post Office in the church. Present was The Miss S. Reynolds representing the church, Wendy Hamilton from the Post office and Mr Tony Blackman Postmaster from Mattishall who would be the post master prepared to organise the service, which would be two days a week probably a Wednesday and Friday. A phone line would have to provided and Miss Reynolds was to approach the diocese outlining the plans. Miss Reynolds provided a handout on the progress so far with the church. She stated that once the necessary approval had been received it was hoped that clearance would be granted by April 2013.

7/13 Whipping Post: The clerk had established that the post was in the garage of the occupants of the former post office. CL offered to collect it and arrangements would be made to erect as soon as possible.

8/13 Finance: Changes in payment of the precept mean that the sum of £3643 would be received as well as a grant of £375 bringing it back a total of £4000 in all making an increase in rates of a band D property by £!.04 (£34.34).

The statement of funds held by the council stand at £5281.25.

Received Recycling credits £69.69

Payments NALC £35 Course (the clerk will attend) (194)

G. Holmes Salary and Expenses £142.96 (195)

9/13 Highway Matters: The visiting Rangers had filled in Potholes in Yarrow Road, Mill Road and Billingford, Road and Breckland had swept the kerbs in the village. There were no other problems at the moment.

10/13 Village website: Councillor Frost informed the meeting that the website was now in place (bintree.norfolkparishes.gov.uk) This site is available for any organisation in the village.

11/13 Benches for the Play area: It was agreed that the Parish council would fund the cost of providing benches for playing field at a cost of £400. The Playing field committee will be responsible for the bases.

The meeting closed at 7.50pm for the Annual General Meeting.


Minutes – 4th December 2012